How to File a BP Claim for the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill

Updated Gulf Coast Claims Facility information for filing a claim against BP. Learn how the new BP claims for the Deepwater Horizon gulf oil spill work.
Note: this article has been updated to include new information on re-filing for a claim against BP using the new, independent Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

On April 20, 2010 the British Petroleum (BP) oil rig Deepwater Horizon experienced an explosion. The rig, located in the Gulf of Mexico, 52 miles off the Louisiana coast, sank after the explosion, and the oil rig explosion killed 11 people. BP announced that a broken pipe was leaking 1,000 barrels of oil per day into the ocean; revised numbers in the following weeks indicate that the BP oil spill involved anywhere from 12,000 to 25,000 barrels per day.

The environmental damage from the oil affects workers as well as wildlife, as people who make their living in the ocean and on the shore lose income, revenue, and livelihoods. BP is paying oil damage claims for loss of income from workers and loss of revenue for businesses; learn how to file a claim or how to decide whether to hire an attorney or join a class-action lawsuit instead..

Oil Pollution Act Claims and Deepwater Horizon Disaster
The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 requires BP to pay for all loss and damage resulting from the gulf oil spill. The Act, passed a year after the Exxon Valdez disaster in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989, allows the federal government to manage all containment and clean-up operations after an oil spill, but later requires that the corporation responsible for the disaster fully compensate the government for its costs, as well as compensating private individuals, business owners, corporations, and state and local government for loss of income, property damage, and environmental destruction.

The act limits damage payments to $75 million for private parties, though the U.S. Senate and President Barack Obama worked to lift this cap and increase it to $10 billion as the BP oil spill continued for more than six weeks, creating loss of income far in excess of the $75 million cap. Industry analysts estimate losses could reach $40 billion from the Deepwater Horizon disaster paying out BP oil damage claims.

Business owners, workers, and gulf shore residents can file claims against BP using the following system. Filing a BP claim is not the only way to receive payments from BP, though; some businesses and individuals are seeking oil spill attorneys to file court cases separately. You have to decide which approach is right for you. Seek qualified oil spill attorney’s advice before filing a claim if you are unsure which approach is best

BP Claims and the Gulf Oil Spill – Gulf Coast Claims Facility
Individuals and business owners who have experienced one of three types of loss should use the Gulf Coast Claims Facility form to request payment:

Loss of income
Damage to property
Physical injury or illness
Have paperwork ready that supports the claim. For loss of income, pay stubs or monthly revenue sheets help when making estimates. For damage to property, appraisals and damage estimates from contractors will support the claim. Physical injury or illness claim proof might include medical bills or doctors’ notes.

There is no charge for filing a claim, and any outside company that offers to provide expedited payments from BP for oil spill damages should be ignored. The online BP claims process is free and the only approved method for receiving oil pollution act claims from BP.

The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster online claim form is self-explanatory; once the form has been filled out, hit “Submit” and proceed as directed.

IMPORTANT: If you already filed a claim against BP using the British Petroleum claim form process, all files have been transferred to the new Gulf Coast Claims Facility process. You must re-file a claim with GCCF, however.

BP Oil Spill Claim and Gulf Coast Claims Facility
British Petroleum and GCCF offer a number of telephone numbers to help with different problems associated with the gulf oil spill:

To file via telephone and not with the online form, call the Gulf Coast Claims Facility at 800-916-4893 . A claims representative will take information over the telephone and file the oil spill claim.

Additional telephone numbers for assistance include:

Nurse hotline for injuries: 888-623-0287
Wildlife Claims: 866-557-1401
News or information: 985-902-5231
Spill containment or cleanup: 281-366-5511
In addition to filing a claim with BP for loss of income from the gulf oil spill, business owners and workers can consult with oil spill attorneys who specialize in these cases. Please note: once a business owner or individual hires an attorney or joins a class-action lawsuit, the BP oil spill claim process changes. Claims for loss of income, damage, and injury will still be fulfilled, but all communication must be between the attorney and BP directly.

Attorneys must file claims claims directly via one of two methods:

Receiving Money from BP
ALL BP oil damage claims, whether filed by an individual, business owner, or attorney, will receive a response from a representative who then works to verify the claim by requesting documentation, physically coming and inspecting property, or examining financial records in detail to determine loss of revenue for businesses.Herbal remedies to increase milk production

While some claims may take time to settle, especially in cases involving large sums of money, BP will issue interim payments; for instance, deckhands on fishing boats receive of up to $2500 per month while captains receive $5000 per month within 48 hours of claim filing. This does not represent the full amount of money that BP will issue, but is instead a short-term payment while the entire claim is being processed and settled. The remainder of the oil spill claim will be paid out by BP at the end of the process.

To learn the specific steps required for loss of income, lost wages, or lost revenue claims against BP, please read Filing a Claim With BP Oil Spill – Loss of Income and Interim Pay.

Self-employed workers face a completely different set of challenges, so please read the following article devoted to the self-employed: File a BP Claim Form for Self-Employed Workers for Loss of Income.

Find oil-injured wildlife, experience an oil spill-related injury, or need to file an income claim against BP? Read BP Claims Phone Numbers and Gulf Oil Spill Management Hotline to know where to turn.